5950 Berkshire Lane
Suite 1060
Dallas, Texas 75225

Phone (214) 750-4400
Toll Free (866) 885-0898
Fax (214) 691-9822

CJ Brott (BrokerCheck)
Chuck Best (BrokerCheck)
Karen Burns (BrokerCheck)
Tom Coleman (BrokerCheck)
Steven Gendler (BrokerCheck)
Jeremy Grant (BrokerCheck)
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As of 8:30 AM today our business continuation plan is in effect for  Alliance Financial Group.
You may contact AFGI  team members via their business cell phone numbers or emails (listed below) .  
Please know we are fully functional and can transact ordinary business including trading and other financial transactions.

Charles Best                   214-415-0532
Kelly Rutledge          972-786-1066

CJ Brott                       214-538-4434
Karen Burns                214-534-5418
Jeremy Grant                  469-682-3999

Darcy Liston                 214-850-0153
Monya Keatts             214-497-5885
Harry Jones                214-226-0273

Steve Gendler            214-546-6506    
Tom Coleman           214-478-4233
Judy Gould 214-668-2121

Please look for further information via email or our website:

Business Continuity Plan